Service and Maintenance

Storm Refrigeration - Service and Maintenance

Investing in maintenance, will significantly reduce the risk of consequential business losses due to untimely equipment breakdowns. Regular maintenance and the associated checks and adjustments will flag up any mechanical wear and tear and refrigerant losses, which greatly reduce efficiency levels and drive up operating costs. As well as maintaining efficiency levels, regular refrigerant leak testing will be seen as conforming with current refrigerant legislation.

The schedule of work carried out under a Storm Refrigeration Service and Maintenance Agreement follows a predetermined series of checks, identifying the need for any remedial work which can either be carried out under the terms of the agreement during the visit, or quoted as an extra to the contract at preferential rates.

Other benefits of investing in maintenance include:

  • An endeavour to have a service engineer on site within 3 hours of a call for assistance.
  • Priority over non maintenance customers.
  • Discounted labour rates and spare parts for work done outside the agreement.

Our engineers are manufacturer trained on a wide range of equipment, this includes Daikin to whom we are now a D1 service partner with, we have in house diagnostic equipment able to interface with most manufacturers software.

Design and Installation

Storm Refrigeration - Design and Installation

Working with the global leaders in climate control, Storm Refrigeration installs only state-of-the-art air conditioning technology for its clients in industry, academia and research. Our partners, including Daikin,Mitsubishi & Toshiba who are all world-class manufacturers – but more than this – they are pioneers, investing heavily in research that consistently improves the design of air conditioning systems. This, in turn, improves your energy efficiency performance – saving you money and impacting positively on the bottom line.

Installing a Storm Refrigeration air conditioning system keeps your people comfortable all year round, whatever the weather. Our designs can be used to work in conjunction with existing equipment or for gradual phasing our of old plant such as R22 machinery.

Our services can provide climate solution using many design methods ranging from:

  • VAV
  • VRV
  • Chiller Plant
  • Split systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Close control
  • Cold Rooms
  • Heat Curtains
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps

We are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive design and installation package to suit a broad range of requirements.

Repairs and Solutions

Storm Refrigeration - Repairs and Solutions

With our experience on a wide range of equipment, we are able to carry out in house specialist repairs offering cost effective and dynamic solutions. Our services are often called upon by facilities companies whose current contractors struggle for solutions or who's engineers lack the knowledge to take on the more challenging engineering projects that are already on the go.

Please take the time to look at some of our galley images for examples of such projects and other work undertaken by Storm Refrigeration. Should you have a specific enquiry about a repair you would like assessed or would like a quotation for an air conditioned unit, please feel free to use one of our contact details via our contact page.