February 28th 2012
Storm Refrigeration invests in Fri3Oil

Storm Refrigeration have recently invested in a Fri3Oil system, which is an innovative procedure for the removal of contamination within RAC systems.

The Fri3Oil system is based on a refrigeration machine, designed by refrigeration engineers, to clean refrigeration circuits with a completely automatic method. It also can recover and recycle ALL halocarbon refrigerants. It was originally developed for the cleaning of oils, acids, moisture and other residues, any RAC installation containing halocarbon refrigerants: CFC’s, HCFC’s and HFC’s.

Today, there is a major problem in the RAC industry which is due to the hygroscopocity of the Polyolester Oils, POE, which are used with the HCF’s refrigerants.

These oils take humidity from the ambient creating acid inside them that attack the compressor and other parts of the installation. Fri3Oil System is able to extract these acids until the last drop. Besides, Fri3Oil System is ideal for the recovery & recycling on site of all halocarbon refrigerants, with more than interesting transfer capacity, for example, we can move more than 115kg/hour of R-22. This circumstance makes Fri3Oil System a perfect method for retrofitting Mineral Oil, installations to POE, with HFC’s.


  • Acid cleaning, after a burnt out compressor
  • Retrofit MO/POE
  • POE Installation in which air comes in
  • Preventive maintenance

Environmental Advantages:

  • Avoids Global Warming
  • Recovery / Recycling
  • Equipment recycling
  • Easy removal of residues
  • Environmentally Friendly product
  • Global Solution for disposals
  • It Avoids refrigerants Incineration

Economic Advantages:

  • Avoids refrigerant incineration, and the extra costs involved
  • Reuse of Refrigerants
  • Save of purchasing new refrigerants

Please contact us on 020 8398 3700 to find out how the Fri3Oil system could help you.

February 16th 2012
Storm Refrigeration and the Portal

Due to much valued feedback from clients involved in the BETA testing of our new Portal, we have decided to re-engineer the processes. SAP and Coresuite mobile will still launch in March as expected with the Portal expected to re-launch in April.

Thank you to all the clients involved in the BETA testing, your feedback has proved invaluable.

February 1st 2012
Storm Refrigeration and Coresuite mobile

We are nearing ever closer to launching SAP Business One with Coresuite client. Please follow the link for a detailed overview of the advantages that our clients can expect.

Click here to read the CoreSuite Mobile Fact Sheet (PDF)


December 10th 2012
Storm Refrigeration and Coresuite mobile

Due to refinements with Coresuite, our new mobile service interface app, we have decided to postpone the launch of SAP. Initial tests have proved very positive, but configuration modifications have resulted in delays with the launch. We are now aiming for an early March release.

November 4th 2011
Storm Refrigeration and The Portal

Our SAP Business One software has now been installed on our server and we are working on the front and backend modules to enable the website portal.

We are still trying to get all this implemented by the end of November 2011 providing our coders finish their work on schedule.

If for some reason we fail our ETA time, we will post again on this news bulletin and keep you all informed of it's progress.

Yours Sincerely,
Simon Clarke